Surprise! We're getting married!

April 29, 2014

Surprise weddings have often been planned by celebrities hoping the paparazzi won’t find out. Now, these weddings (where guests are unaware that the event they are attending will end with “I do”) are becoming popular with non-famous couples as well!


Trying to please everyone, budgets getting out of control and too much stress are a few of the reasons that more and more couples are electing to try out a surprise wedding. Surprise weddings are far less expensive and less work (with the help of a good wedding planner!), and it eliminates the concern some couples have about trying to take input from everywhere and please everyone. Here are some important things to keep in mind:


  • You will need to come up with a good reason to get everyone together. If guests are under the assumption that it’s just a casual event, they may or may not attend. If you have any guests who may be coming from out of town, consider letting them in on the secret to ensure they make the trip (but make sure they can keep it quiet!).

  • Keep in mind that guests are not aware that they are coming to a wedding! This means that they may show up in jeans and t-shirts or white summer dresses, and they will likely not be bringing a gift!

  • Although a surprise wedding does eliminate the need for some elements of a wedding (invitations, rehearsals, etc.), there are still things that will need to be planned (with the utmost secrecy!). You may still need a photographer, a caterer, and some music for example.

  • Some people will decide to have the actual ceremony take place during the event, and some will officially marry just before the party starts and show up to the “reception” to celebrate!


Surprise weddings are a great way to eliminate some of the stress and money that goes into planning a larger wedding, but they’re not for everyone. Would you consider a surprise wedding?


Photo by Union Eleven Photography

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