Our philosophy

At When Sparks Fly, we believe you should have the wedding of your dreams and we will work with you to create a stylish, unique and distinctive event which will reflect you as a couple. We join in your excitement by learning from you the items and details which will make the day truly yours. We shoulder the stress of attending to a vast amount of detail and provide organization and coordination of all aspects of your wedding, so you can actually relax and enjoy the best day of your lives!

We will do everything we can to make the vision of your day a reality. You deserve to remember your big day as the happiest day of your life, not all the work that went into the planning and execution! 

Karen Sagle, When Sparks Fly, Ottawa Wedding Planner

Photo by Kim Ing Photography

Karen Sagle, When Sparks Fly, Ottawa Wedding Planner

Photo by Amna Hakim Photography

Meet Karen

My name is Karen Sagle and I love weddings! I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Event Management, and I am certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and the 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute. I'm also the creator of just.love.weddings. - a wedding inspiration blog for same-sex couples. 


Here are a few more details about me:

I have always LOVED weddings - I get as excited about my weddings as my couples do!

My favourite part of a wedding is the dads' speeches - they always make me tear up.

I am a competitive curler and I have played since I was five.

I love holidays and will use any excuse to decorate and throw a party! 

I am the one who goes all out at every themed event.

I make lists for EVERYTHING.

I am great at thinking on my feet and I remain calm in any situation.

I love anything that involves cheese, dark chocolate or red wine.

I am a romantic at heart, but also a practical, logical thinker - I do well planning weddings, because I can combine the heart and mind!

I think anything is possible and that there is always a solution somewhere if you are willing to look for it.


I would love to meet with you and learn how I can help add a spark to your special day!