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This one is a bit different... it's my OWN wedding!! I have to say, it's a whole different experience planning your own wedding, vs that of someone else, but I had a great time doing it! I was very lucky to have an amazing friend and fellow planner to take over the work during the actual wedding (even planners should have a day-of coordinator - I practice what I preach!) and Kat and I were thrilled with the way our wedding weekend extravaganza came together.

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What are the bar options for my wedding?

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There are many different options for serving alcohol at your wedding, and there are pros and cons to each. While traditional etiquette states that ....


                Karen was exactly what I needed even before I knew I needed her. When Sparks Fly was essential to my wedding happening exactly as I've always dreamt it. I could not imagine ever doing this without her assistance throughout and direction and leadership the day of.  Karen was always a source of support, and knowledge throughout the planning process and flawless execution on the day of. Her professionalism, positive attitude and superior attention to detail makes her one of the best.  (...)